Many Burpham residents prefer to use local businesses and services. Advertising in Burpham Pages ensures your business targets the local communities you want to reach as well as being very cost effective.  We also deliver to Jacobs Well - a neighbouring community with almost 600 homes.

Yasmin King of Beauty Works  says "It's unbelievable how many clients I get through my advert in Burpham Pages - worth every penny!"

And here's what others say ..."We get more visitors from our Burpham Pages advert than from any other advertisers we use."

"We get a huge amount of business in the Burpham area, all thanks to Burpham Pages."

The magazine is a high quality printed 32-, 36- or 40-page B5-sized booklet* in full colour throughout. The content and feel is designed to be something people will want to keep, giving advertisers a chance to reach their targeted customers throughout the two months it covers, unlike a flyer which will often be 'binned' straight away. 

If you would like any more information or would like to receive a copy of our latest edition, please contact Howard on 07812 989692 or email 

* B5 is 176mm x 250mm / 6.9ins x 9.8ins




We welcome editorials from local businesses to accompany their ads - a great way to give more information to potential customers than an advert alone can provide. For example, if you advertise a restaurant how about a "restaurant review", if you provide decorating services, maybe before and after photos. Or perhaps you have some handy tips that would make useful and interesting reading for all, your recent holiday, for example. 

Non-profit making organisations or groups are welcome to submit copy for any free space we may have.  Just let us know what would like to publicise, e.g. forthcoming events. We'd also like articles from local people which would be of interest to residents of Burpham - walks, history, what's on and so on.

We should make it absolutely clear though that this magazine is not an extension of the Burpham Community Association - which has its own website at We are pleased and proud to bring you BCA news in every issue.  Similarly, we are aware that Jacobs Well residents have their own association and we are not seeking to do more than complement existing sources of news and general information along with introductions to local tradespeople.